How to Survive in The Walking Dead — No Man’s Land

There are many games that benefit from having The Walking Dead moniker adorn it’s name but unlike other franchises that just stick their logo on any old game for a quick buck, the range of Walking Dead games stand up in their own right.

None more so, that No Man’s Land, which combines, strategy, action, gore and of course, zombies in game that keeps you coming back for more are you build up your team to fight their way through the zombie apocalypse.

The game uses a freemium model where micro-transactions via in-app purchases can speed up your progression, or enable you to purchase additional outfits so that you team can can look like their counterparts from the TV Show. (Tip: While your team members come pre-named you can rename them by tapping on their name)

The freemium model may put some people off, however, you can enjoy the game and make great progress without spending any money of you like, and here are my top tips on how to enjoy this game without spending anything.

  1. Maximize Your Earnings
    There are 2 types of currency in TWD:NML, Supplies and Experience Points (XP). These are earned as you play the game. The more levels you completed, the more you earn, the more zombies you kill, the more you earn. However, you can also earn them by watching videos.
    These are presented to you both when you complete levels and in the Theater via the Map. Watching these videos at every opportunity can maximize your earnings.
  2. Kill Every Zombie
    You’ll earn XP for every zombie that you kill, so when completing levels make sure you kill them all, assuming that you don’t put yourself at risk of course.
  3. Slowly But Surely
    On each turn your team members get two actions. A move and a shot, two moves or just one shot. Zombies only appear when they are in the line of sight of one of your team members so instead of just running forward, use your first move to scout the area, and then either move again or take a shot.
  4. Keep Moving
    This may seem to contradict #3, however, when you have the opportunity move forward as much as you can. Moving slowly can result in extra turns for the zombies and extra turns means more zombies to kill as they spawn as you complete your turns. Therefore, the fewer turns the fewer zombies.
  5. Overwatch
    Take advantage of your characters Overwatch ability. This is the ability that automatically attacks a zombie if you only use one of your characters actions. At times this can be useful, if you are strong enough to kill a zombie but it’s close enough to reach you on it’s next move, leaving your character with an overwatch ability will ensure that on the zombies next turn, you’ll attack them, and not the other way around.
  6. Upgrade Often
    As you progress through the levels you’ll come across not only more zombies, but stronger ones too. To ensure that you can defeat them ensure that you update your characters, weapons and armour as frequently as possible.
  7. Sell Your Inventory
    You will uncover many weapons and articles of armor in your travels, many of which you won’t need. Instead of leaving them cluttering up your Workshop scrap them and earn some much needed XP to use to upgrade the items that you are keeping.
  8. Pimp Your Ride
    Your mission car may seem like the last thing you may want to spend your hard earned XP and supplies on. However, without gas in your car you won’t be able to complete many missions before you have to wait for it to fill up again. Upgrading your Mission Car and maximizing the amount of fuel it can hold will help you complete more missions and earn more XP.
  9. Right Person for the Job
    You may find time where you have some characters leveled-up higher than others, that doesn’t mean that those on a higher level are always right for the mission in hand. If you’re struggling to get past a level with your top characters try switching them out with lower level players with different skills
  10. Join a Guild
    Joining a guild opens up a whole new set of challenges that will earn you more goodies. In addition, when other members of your guild do well, you’ll earn additional rewards including supplies, XP, gold, fuel and cell phones.

With these top ten tips you’ll be conquering the undead in next to no time and getting your hands on the wonderful Assault class.

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