The adventures of an Apple Watch

About 3 weeks ago I misplaced my Apple Watch. It was the first watch that I wore everyday, if you forgive my flirtation with my Kickstarter Pebble which I wore everyday before leaving it at security at Chicago O’Hare airport as I rushed to catch my flight to India.

I was certain that my Apple Watch was in my home but after turning my home inside out as well as my car and office upside down it was nowhere to be seen.

It was 2 weeks until I gave in and took advantage of a $100 saving on the Apple Watch at Best Buy to get myself a new one.

However, just as I had joked to all those who enquired, as well as the Best Buy salesman, I found my original Apple Watch within 7 days of buying the new one.

And this is where the adventure part of the story comes in….the watch was found in our dryer, stuck to the side of the drum thanks to the magnetic strap that I had on it.

In the three weeks that it was missing it must have spun around there at least a dozen times, at at least once through the washing machine too.

Despite that it still works and has no additional marks or scratches. Pretty remarkable and speaks volumes to the build quality that Apple puts into their devices.

The only question remains…what to do with two Apple Watches!

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