One important key to success is self-confidence. An important key to self-confidence is preparation. - Arthur Ashe

I am gonna let you in on a little secret that myself and all my clients follow… Are you ready?

The key to constant growth and results is….. CONSISTENCY!

Consistency breeds habit, habit breeds change, change breeds results, results breeds SELF- CONFIDENCE!

But this is only half of the equation.

It is true, if we do the same thing day in a day out we will see results, but those results WILL stall. I see this with people year round at the gym and clients that come to me seeking the “answer.” Their body has not changed, they have not gotten any stronger, and they are losing the motivation to continue because they feel their efforts are in vain.

They have inevitably became comfortable being comfortable. Daily they go to the gym doing the SAME boring cardio routine, followed by the SAME weight training routine. Never adding variety, or pushing their “PRE-CONCEIVED LIMITS.”

“They have inevitably became comfortable being comfortable.”

So what is the other half to the equation you ask?

PUSH THOSE PRE-CONCEIVED LIMITS! Do things in the gym that will test both your physical and mental limits.

Adding these challenging exercises that test your mental fortitude into your daily routine, will carry over into ALL aspects of your life.

When your body says no, your mind says YES!

Where the mind leads the body WILL follow

One commonality all my clients share is this. When I start to “add” reps/ time/ weight to their routines they all begin to question themselves. After a good ol’ pep talk this negative self talk quickly dissipates and they attack the task with full force and dedication. With great excitement and glee, they report back that they have done the assigned exercise and it felt “light” or “easy”.

The ones who are successful in all areas of life are able to tap into their own self belief and push aside negative thoughts when they arise, and trust me, they will arise.

“push aside negative thoughts when they arise”

As a coach it is my responsibility to help instill this confidence in each and every one of my clients, who all come with their own “pre-conceived limits” that they have made a part of them.

Together, our task is to first “identify” these limiting beliefs that are holding us back from achieving the greatness we are ALL destined for. Once we have identified these destructive and self-sabotaging beliefs, we can begin formulating a strategy to overcome them.

It is my goal to use this blog as a resource to help people identify and overcome these false beliefs and destructive thought patterns. First identifying the issue at hand, and then formulating a strategy to stop it dead in it’s tracks!

Submit your “limiting beliefs” for the holiday season in the comments below and we will tackle that topic next week!

Note- This belief does not have to be fitness related.

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