Seriously, How Can You Be For This?
Dave Pell

I’m a Conservative, not a Republican. I did NOT vote for Trump because I did not believe he had the right temperment for the job. The more time he’s in office, as much as I *love* the unpredictability faux-freaking out the political establishment, Trump continually illustrates my initial concern: He does not have the temperament for the job.

This ISP issue has me fuming. I absolutely *hated* classifying the Internet under Title II becuase it allowed for The State (or some regulatory agency) the authority to search each packet to determine it’s content in order to “treat it equally”. Net Neutrality also placed artificial constraints on the successful, and artificially boosted the failing in the name of “marketplace fairness”. Both are ideologies I vehemently oppose. If one fails, then they need to fail and learn from it in order to (hopefully) return and unseat the dominant player. (Anyone still use BetaMax? Anyone still use HD-DVD?)

Having said all this… That Title II protected the consumer against the ISPs from selling their browsing history is fantastic. An ISP selling their customer’s browsing data is *not* a good thing. HOWEVER, since Title II placed the customer’s same browsing data in the hands of the Government, I was OPPOSED to this as well… No one but ME truly *needs* access to my browsign history. (My wife too, to keep me honest…)

However, ad-revenue is a long-established paradigm that we’re long accustomed to which helps subsidize the cost of the internet. And we’re seeing the earliest stages of private networks operating behind a pay-wall in order to eliminate the horrendous and nigh-inescapable ads taking over teh vast majority of web-pages.

Ads based on our browsing history is the price we’ve long paid for the convenience we’ve experienced thus far. I think, no matter which direction the internet is governed in, changes are coming. I see a number of people fleeing to the “DarkNet”, which is now what the ‘Net was in the late 80’s and early ‘90’s.

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