Why Is Syria Hell on Earth? Here’s The Ugly but True Answer…
Zaron Burnett III

So, becuase of 100 years of war that has bred a violent political (and social?) culture, instead of “rushing in to save the Syrian people” via “military intervention”, we’re going to “save the Syrian people” by dragging them half-way around the world, and plunking them in a culture they’re historically ill-equipped to accommodate? Like the immigrant that beat his wife wiht ah hockey stick for 30 minutes in Canada, and faces no charges because “I didn’t know it was illegal”?!?

The West needs to lose the “White Knight Syndrome”, an not only realize that we don’t have the capability to save everyone, but that it’s not our responsibility to do so.

I genuinely wish the peaceful people of Syria well, but if two groups of families, one from Damascus and one from Homs move into teh same town in the USA, there is a signifigant chance of their bringing their well-established historic ethnic tensions with them. How does that help the existing fraying social tensions in America? How does that help them?

Humanity is NOT “tabula rasa”, where cultural values will be “magically soaked in” becuase the individual or group is suddenty living in a different country.

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