Ethics and paying rent
Mike Monteiro

SO… We dropped the absolute morality which was taught in previous generations. Students since the late ‘70’s and early ‘80’s learned the “situational ethics” of relativistic morality.

In fact, to state that ethics and morals are absolute is to be branded with countless epithets. Usually becuase absolute ethics have a historical tie to religious tenets, and denigration of religion, especially the Judeo-Christian mores is “fashionable” in Western Culture right now…

Now we are criticising as “evil” those same people for running their companies with the relativistic ethics they learned in university? Aren’t they “merely” acting in accordance with what they were taught?

Seems tha tin order to be consistent with the logic presented in the article: We shoul be criminally charging university ethics teachers who espouse moral relativism for producing something harmful to society as a whole?

If we’re going to punish “bad ethics” then we need to take it to the source… Don’t we

Alternately, there just might be something to those “outdated Judeo-Christian morals” as applied to personal behavior…

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