The tragic story of the intersex person who puzzled 19th-century France
Matt Reimann

This article serves to remind us of the dificulties people have with the *genetic abnormality* of an Intersex condition. But let’s not make any unnecessary parallels to those with the *physicological abnormality* of Gender Dysmorphia.

Doubtless, those who suffer from hermaphroditism also suffer gender dysmorphia. I can uderstand the desire to surgically correct an intersex condition as the genetic abnormailty has physicioligcal manifestations. But why is there the extreme drive, the overbearing assumption that in the case of a psychological abnormality (gender dysmorphia) the only solution is a surgical one?

When a patient has body dysmorphia (believeing they ought to not have legs, for example) the solution is cognitive behaviorial reconditioning. Gender dysmorphia could be considered as a sub-set of body dysmorphia, wherein the patient believes they have the proper and requisite number of limbs, eyes, ears, etc…; only their genitals are “wrong”…

If we, as a society, aren’t allowed to have the discussion, or even bring up the question about whether or not surgical corrections to a psychological condition is the right and correct actions for everyone, usualy gets one labeled “bigot” and “transphobe”. This is incredibly wrong.

People should watch the video linked below. See how rape survivors, feminist lesbians, leftists, and (yes, even) Conservative women have a very civilized discussion about the topic of transgenderism. The kind of discussion many on the left are intent on disallowing.

Biology Isn’t Bigotry: Why Sex Matters in the Age of Gender Identity

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