I’m Self Aware. Now What?

Remember that time you finally stumbled upon that person causing all the trouble in your life and found yourself staring in the mirror?

No? Well then, ummm, this article probably isn’t for you. Which is okay. You’re (probably) not a bad person, you just need to sort out a few things.

Yes? Well then, keep reading, my friend.

I remember making fun of myself in high school so I could beat others to the punch. I remember practicing lacrosse Every. Single. Day. For four years and not being seen as good enough to start (or play at all really) on the team my senior year. I remember Mark Hilvert punching me in the face in my first real schoolyard scrap (I deserved it) and having this white light flash through my head as I literally thought, “Wow, so that’s what it’s like to really be punched.” A practice which Mark then repeated on me many more times so I could understand the lesson.

I remember going to college, earning Rookie of the Year and Sportsman of the Year my freshman year of lacrosse and understanding that I could make a new story for myself. I became the two-time Captain of my lacrosse team there. I remember realizing in my senior year of college that, to me, school had become bullshit and I had made a mistake regarding my pursuit of knowledge that interested me. (It was not my college’s fault, it was mine.)

I remember working through some serious issues (anger, loss of purpose, fear of commitment) over the next ten years after college, tending bar and writing.

Owning businesses (going bankrupt), having a child, working out, meditating (trying anyway), failing daily, coaching and learning from people daily has taught me, relentlessly, that I am the master of my fate and the captain of my soul.

This can sometimes seem and feel like a curse. But only when I’m feeling sorry for myself.

It is not a curse. It is a gift. YOUR gift if you have discovered this as well.

There is always a way out. There is always help to be found, content to be read, videos to be watched, networking to be done and hugs to be had as long as there is breath in your lungs.

Being self-aware is knowing when to ask for help, knowing how to help yourself and reaching out to help others.

But you will never be happy unless you are pointing at the person in the mirror and saying, “Hey, friend, what makes YOU happy?”

Then… go do that. Every. Single. Day.

Know thy self and ACT on this knowledge. And you can win the Long Game. Hugs.

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