The Gym Isn’t Just About A Better Body

If the culture is simple (not easy), efficient and effective, the list of “rules” will be short.

Rules are designed around “what not to do”. Principles guide behavior via belief structure.

“Treat others as you would like to be treated” is a principle. “No spitting” is a rule.

We have a principle in our gym: YPIYSWI. “You Pick It, You Stick With It.”

This is not designed to be punitive. It is designed to achieve happiness.

What does YPIYSWI (pronounced: Yippee-Yes-We) really mean?

It means, literally, that whatever you choose to do in the workout, you stick to it until the very end. Weight gets heavy? Stick it out. Pushups get hard? Hold the standard. Pullups are tough? You’ve got 5 more so rest a bit longer and try one at a time until they’re done.

Time caps to workouts and “Coach Rescues” keep our clients safe to explore their limits and establish both trust in the community and confidence in themselves.

Figuratively, YPIYSWI trains away the complacent acceptance of mediocrity: you will NEVER be great if, every time something gets difficult, you fall back to the easier option. This is a terrible habit. It must be reversed (and it can be) immediately.

Do our workouts make you great? No. They’re just workouts. They make you strong and healthy. The principles with which you approach them, and the principles you hold on to when your character is tested, will (or won’t depending on what you choose…).

YPIYSWI teaches you to “know thyself”. YPIYSWI teaches you that you are capable of more than you thought. YPIYSWI holds your standards to the fire in physical challenges: and this is where mental/spiritual strength can be forged if you are able to hold the line. YPIYSWI trains out mental weakness and trains in self-respect, self-awareness, self-love, gratitude, pride, confidence, progress and happiness.

As humans, one of the paths to happiness is accomplishing something challenging. (Or, even better, doing so when others told us we could not do it or did not believe it could be done!)

YPIYSWI is not resilience, it is antifragility: the ability to take hardship and not just survive it, but become better!

Practice YPIYSWI. It is not relegated solely to workouts. This principle can extend into all our daily duties. Stop bailing out so quickly. Double down instead. And, if that doesn’t work, triple down.

Or, don’t. And wallow in your one haunting thought, “Gee, what am I really capable of?”*

P.S. Does everyone in our gym embrace YPIYSWI? No. Not yet. But that’s on me. I’m the owner and there is work to be done. What world around you can you change for the better?

*How do you know when quitting was the right thing? When quitting The Thing made you happy in both the short term AND the long term.

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