The Fundamental “Why” of Music Discovery
Cortney Harding

I’m one of those people that follow the funnel all the way down, at least when I really really enjoy an artist’s work and I feel they have something deeper to express than the face value of the music.

This is why (in hip-hop terms) artists like Kendrick Lamar and J. Cole have serious staying power; you could repeat their music for years and still stumble upon a new idea/expression/theme well into your 300th listen. I use streaming to filter out the music that “sounds cool” at first but doesn’t have that staying power, and then if I’m really into it after a few more listens I’ll buy it on iTunes (or Amazon) and burn a CD for my car; that’s when I really get into it. I still only have a 6-CD changer, so I’m listening to the same songs over and over and over… they better be good!

A lot of things in the art world are forcing artists to create more full and thoughtful art that can also pack a punch the first time it’s viewed/listened to. There’s that combination of hooking a listener the first time they catch a verse, but then holding onto them long enough for you to make another album for them to buy (or movie to watch, depends what art we’re talking about here).