With all the hype in the crypto space, it’s gratifying to read a book about Bitcoin which (apart from a brief prologue) contains only incidental mention of Bitcoin for the first two-thirds of the book. Ultimately, as you’ll gather from the title, Bitcoin plays a fairly grand role, supplanting gold as the historical reserve standard, but by building a groundwork understanding of money’s emergence, history, and evolution, Saifedean Ammous makes a sober arrival at his final destination.

Money has traditionally had three facets: medium of exchange, store of value, and unit of account. Sound money, Ammous’s argument goes, also requires…

It’s absurd to think that personality and individuality could overcome the strictures of the standard men’s business suit with the introduction of a festive pair of socks. The suit grammar already has a personality placeholder in the necktie. Long-established in this role, ties can be modified fairly freely without fear that they’ll break the hold of semantics. Flashy socks target the syntax, no longer transmitting what would at worst amount to a harmlessly ambiguous message — which could be clarified on further interaction — but muddying the communication channel itself, threatening the viability of any message sent via the business…

Craig Jaquish

In the revision phase of writing a novel about information. Posting other writings periodically here in the meantime.

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