Hello world,

I am Craig Johnson Jr. I just wanted to introduce myself to the blogging atmosphere. I am a budding entrepreneur that lives in Houston. I am a father, husband and a former athlete. I own a couple of small agencies that are online based. One is CJMG, a small digital marketing agency that deals with clients in various industries. I also have a referral management agency that I operate as well. I also have a few more projects that I have my hand in as well. I am learning that documentation is valid for a positive brand. I also get that leaving a trail of quality content is key as well. I spend most days in the weeds of my businesses with marketing, structure blah blah blah lol. I would like to thank you guys for giving me your attention as a follower along my journey and I hope that you enjoy this new journey for me and please give me your feedback on my future content.


Craig JohnsonJr. Entrepreneur•Founder•Blogger @craigjohnsonjr•craigjohnsonceo@gmail.com


I go through the same stuff that every other business owner that is striving does on a daily basis😳😳😳