The Passing of Time

A few years ago on Father’s Day Grandpa pulled me aside to talk, which was strange because he was a man of few words. As soon as we sat down, he handed me a small box and told me a story.

As a young man in rural Indiana, Grandpa helped buy a beautiful silver pocket watch for his father who was a Preacher. In that time, a Preacher was a very prestigious position to have. My Great Grandfather was the center of his community and the foundation of his family.

As I sat in my chair, I opened the little white box and watched as the minutes ticked away. Grandpa said he felt it was time to pass his watch on to me.

Grandpa passed away recently and all I can think about is that day in his apartment, where his family and so many of his friends visited to play cards, to drink, to laugh and to be close to him on a nice evening.

I remember the man Grandpa was, and now think about the man I am, but more importantly about the man I will become.

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