The Next Thing

Everyone gets to be young. Most people get to middle age and many grow old. A few are lucky and grow old well. Youth, middle age and growing old are the three parts of a complete life. Each of those parts are filled with chapters which help define who a person is.

Middle age is approaching, but I’m still young with a mind wise beyond my years…or so I have been told.

One chapter in my life is coming to a close and another is about to begin. In the past this used to be exciting, but now I know what it means. It means uprooting myself, discovering a new city and starting over again. It also means, if I get the job, that my life will change and become much more normal.

I have never had a normal job. The hours have always been weird or the days were unpredictable. The environment was always changing and sometimes it was dangerous. One job required that I drive through three states covered in ice because they had to have me start by a certain date. Another time I had to drive through a hurricane to get to work so we could help keep others safe. I’ve seen people floating dead in the streets and desperately digging for family, friends and loved ones after heavy rains and a mudslide devastated their part of the world. I’ve also seen the sunrise over the ocean everyday for more than a year, become a decent photographer and something of a writer. I also got to make a difference in other peoples’ lives through volunteer work. All of this and much more due to working odd hours and not so typical jobs.

I’m not holding my breath in the hope of the next thing or spending too much time thinking about it. It may not happen and I have learned not to have expectations about what’s to come or not to come. If things don’t work out, something else will. We shall see…

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