Ads. Blocking and Tackling.
John Battelle

How is it possible you just vomited this word salad about web technology ( that was beyond stream of consciousness ADD driven ) and you don’t know how to *easily* command Google Adwords, Google opt-out, and configure AdBlock correctly to avoid all the nonsense you just whined about? There’s a great tool by Avira, that does much of the same. You can completely shut down social media ads and tracking should you elect to, and decide to Google around until you find the specific efforts you need to go through.

By the way this is written, it seems you’d like them to do it for you. But, you’ve answered your own question; there’s money in them there clicks and tracking and they will never disable it willingly. You should be spending time reminding everyone that losing *the choice* to opt out is the disastrous notion, not the advertising itself.

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