God Can’t Bless a Mess… ?

This quote was read to me today “God Can’t Bless a Mess”. It really got me thinking about how much of a mess I have been throughout the course of my life. It is when I am the biggest mess that God shows up in the biggest ways. Revealing not only who He is, but who I am in Christ. I think that when people have it all together they tend to not allow room for God to bless them because they are so busy blessing themselves: leaning on their own understanding, relying on their own abilities, skipping the prayers because “they are doing pretty well”, etc. I know from personal experience that God can and does and will continue to bless a mess. In fact, I would argue that God often chooses NOT to bless the Neat & Tidy because the blessing would be lost in the midst of “their order” and He would not even be recognized as the provider of the blessing because the individual doesn’t look to Him for help in the first place. Do you provide opportunities for God to bless you? Admit you are clueless and helpless and needy and watch what HE does!

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