Craig Martineau
Mar 23 · 3 min read

I have a series of 6 of these around somewhere.

I killed a blog site on WordPress but I am reactivating it. I haven’t found all the pieces yet.

You can sell your images to Shutterstock

I had this all done about 3 AM but then I somehow hit delete and poof they were gone.

I will try to quickly reconstruct this invitation to Duluth Minnesota (you can use your Shutterstock proceeds! ;-)

These were taken by a friend, a retired police officer from Duluth MN. I just set up a page on my MN website for his images and other images by Rick Rice. These bottom two are nostalgic. Two other buddies and I used to spend a week up in the Boundary Waters Canoe Wilderness each year. No motors just paddles. A huge area on the map.
After a major blow the ice from the storm can hang on for a few days. The one on the right is Duluth Canal Park area.
This was made by another friend Duke Skorich — the Duluth Harbor. On the right the Festival of Balloons. Some years the lake winds prevent them for soaring.
Three of the above and the one on the left — lighthouse in sea smoke by Rick Rice. I post his images on my MN website. The Noreaster is by Matt Pastick. I have never got permission to run his images but this is the only one I use because it matches my blog site.

Hopefully, you enjoyed the little serenade from Duluth Minnesota.

Craig Martineau

Craig Martineau

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Retired. I write about Politics and Current Events on Medium with several publications, on Blogger with several sites, & starting one on

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