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Mar 24 · 2 min read


I just printed off the note you sent me with advice on how to proceed with an attorney.

I listed to attorneys from Chisholm, Chisholm, and Kilpatrick the other day. It was on a YouTube Channel while typing a blog post.

I had my blood test for PCB’s. I just got the answer today. Negative.

The reasons for the blood test:

  1. Anniston AL won a settlement from Monsanto for $600 million for destroying their soil and water supply. Anniston was about 5 miles from the Fort.
  2. My wife and I lived in Jacksonville about 5 miles in the other direction from Ft McClellan. Jacksonville was a very small town. Even now it has only 12,000+ people. I assumed they share a water supply with Anniston. (I still have to check that out.)
  3. The head of the “Poisoned Veterans of Fort McClellan” and I chatted several weeks ago. He went back to Ft McClellan and took core samples of some trees. He said the tests came back positive for PCBs.
  4. The reason none of the attorneys took my case is that they have inventory records for only 1974, 1974 , and 1976. I left in 1973. Apparently someone gave CCK inventory records that they have used to fight the VA with.
  5. Other attorneys, I submitted a request to were Woods and Woods, geez I don’t remember the other name at the moment.
  6. I am going to forge ahead with the information you gave me. I heard that some senators were going to introduce legislation to force a settlement from the VA to the veterans of Ft McClellan.
  7. I am sure that is out the window now.
  8. How are you holding up under this mess? Trump is unbelievable. He is going to cut the mandatory separations next week.
  9. Based on the Medium articles I read and published from Tomas Puyo that is the worst thing to do. Mandatory separation is not going to cut down on the deaths but it will give the medical community a chance to regroup and maybe even find a vaccine.
  10. I am going to write an article on that aspect of this. I have two done so far and everything I’ve read says Trump is crazier than Robert Barr.
  13. I guess the other 4 have disappeared. I have to much stuff to find and fix. It seems like such a waste of time compared to all of the goings-on
  14. I glad you popped in and read tonight's article. I was impressed. That is a great angle and the images are astonishing.
  15. Thank you.
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