3 Ways to Be a More Persuasive Blogger

Do you consider yourself a great writer?

Me neither, but I’m trying to get better.

A true work-in-progress.

You too, huh?

But you do want to become a better writer (um, blogger), yes?

Well, of course you do, but how do you morph into a content marketer extraordinaire? A magnetic blogger?

And how can I teach you (business owner, content marketer, career renegade) to write with flair? To make your blog stickier than fly tape? To avoid becoming the most mundane writer on the planet?

Well, I can at least offer a suggestion or two.

And fair warning … I am NOT a professional writer, but I have implemented a few practices that have helped me create a rather sticky blog in a fairly short period of time.

I’m also the furthest thing from an online marketing guru, but I am “all in” when it comes to content marketing done right.

In fact, I’m now hitting the pavement teaching clients the following …

1. Think Like a Teacher (Not a Marketer)

Let’s start with a visualization exercise: Transport yourself to the year 1984 and the movie The Karate Kid. Do you see the perpetually youthful Ralph Macchio? And the wise sage, Kesuke Miyagi, played by Pat Morita?

Danielson (the student) taught by Mr Miagi (the master).

I’m a big, fat sap with a weakness for cheese, so this scene still gives me goosebumps. It’s almost like Miagi is transferring “the force” to young Daniel. (That look!)

In the world of content marketing it’s extremely beneficial to see yourself as a teacher, NOT a hero or a superstar or a blogging wunderkind.


In fact, no matter how much you want to be Daniel, or Luke, or Neo. You’re not.

But you can, and should be Miagi, Obi Wan, Morpheus.

Yes, that core person you are trying to reach (your ideal customer) is a hero on their own epic journey.

And you? You should pour every ounce of your energy into helping that business or individual get past — a problem, a pain, a fear.

You accomplish this by letting out your inner-teacher.

It’s about them. If you want to build authority and earn the right to sell, you have to become more than familiar with your audience.

2. Listen More (and Get in Touch with Their World).

If you want to be the best content marketer on the planet, do the following:

Use your blog, your list, your social media channels to ask, ask, ask, then listen carefully.

If you have not found your ideal customer, keep asking.

If you have not discovered the root of their problem, keep asking.

In fact, you should work your fingers to the bone to find out what is troubling them. Is it something they fear? Need to get by? A blockade that’s killing their business?

When I started this blog it was an exercise in self-absorption and a mixed bag of tricks. I was having fun, being creative and making friends, but I lacked direction.

What helped me turn it all around? Listening.

This is what Copyblogger media is about, and why Brian Clark and crew have built something so special. See the pain. Listen. Refine. Take action!

You craft magnetic and helpful content, but you keep your ears to the ground, so your content continues to rock your customer’s world.

What do great teachers do well? The answer is obvious.

What do amazing teachers do? … They LISTEN.

And the best content marketers are amazing teachers. Nuff said.

3. Embrace Story (To Help Your Audience and Improve Your Game).

To grow your business you must find and solve your customer’s problem, and the best way to frame this (the pain and the fix) is through story.

Good things take time, right? Well, try and think of your relationship with your customers as a blossoming romance that grows stronger over time.

Sappy analogy, I know, but think about it. An aggressive kiss on the first date, could do one of two things:

1. Get you a slap in the face or

2. Be the start of a relationship with someone who is, um, not so picky and not so right for you.

Like all good things, a great relationship happens over time. With time you both start to realize how much you love (or hate) each other.

Your customers?

Your content should attract them and keep them around. And your content should be built to attract the type you would want to take home to Mom. Yes, dear, sweet Mom.

The more you use story to convey that you know exactly what their pain point is (engaging, helpful and consistent content) the more they’ll love you. Just let ‘er rip.

That’s the sweet spot baby.

Think like a teacher. Keep listening and refining. And work to deliver all in the form of a consistent narrative.

Your content becomes the catalyst for your client’s transformation, and yours. And that’s good for everyone involved.