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Creating digital leaders for tomorrow’s social change.

Vizzuality has a simple hypothesis. Connect designers, engineers, data scientists and social scientists with people who work tirelessly to improve the world and you’ll change the trajectory of the planet. We think we can turbo boost efforts to reduce the impact of climate change, stop the sixth mass extinction, and end social injustice with great online products when they are co-created by people who care.

As we move into the next decade of our work, it’s clear the level of complexity in building these pieces of work has gone up. Each project has more people, more data, more analysis, more design options, and more at stake. …

A post about positivity in the face of catastrophe.

Without the living world, the planet will collapse and take us with it.

No bees to pollinate plants.

No forests to turn carbon from the skies into materials for our lives.

No whales to churn our oceans and give life in death.

No corals to colour the seas.

This is a highly likely, world-ending problem.

The sort of cataclysmic world event that encourages the likes of Elon Musk to shoot for Mars. Musk speaks with such certainty of the world ending. Undoubtedly, it’s an excellent communication strategy to raise interest and capital in Space X. While Musk raises millions, he’s also compelling the astronomically rich silicon valley type A’s to spend their time discussing its genius. …

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2016 has been a year full of contrast for vizzuality and me.

2016 saw us stand proud next to the Chief Scientist of the White House, demonstrating climate change preparedness applications — whilst a new president who rejects the premise of a warming planet was elected.

2016 saw Global Forest Watch make it possible to see forest loss happening in near real time — while deforestation in Brazil was the highest in a decade.

2016 saw us slide ever nearer to a sixth extinction of biodiversity — whilst we actively work with the EO Wilson Foundation to help get the message of half-earth to every citizen on the planet. …


Craig Mills

Vizzuality CEO. Working on things that matter.

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