History tells us what may happen next with Brexit & Trump
Tobias Stone

A very poor analogy; trying to justify the position that Brexit and Trump are similar disaster events is lunacy. Trump has the most votes of any person who has aspired to the US Presidency for one simple reason, the US Government has become infiltrated with big business and the corruption is causing a revolution among those who understand the problems. He is against the establishment including the establishment in his own party, therefore, he is attacked viciously by more main stream press bull shit than any other candidate ever has. Brexit is a great move for Britain and will result in growth from their newfound independence. Freedom and independence is what makes a great country. To put Putin and Trump in the same sentence is like putting Hitler and Stalin in the same sentence, very stupid idea. Trump is on record of saying that if he had been President, Putin never would have invaded Crimea…enough said. Yes, the US needs a reset as the Government has been printing money at will for so long, it will soon be broke. The next big Historical event will be a huge, across the world, financial meltdown triggered by the US Gov failure to pay its bonds and it will sink the 80 trillion derivatives market. The EU at that point will be glad the London financial market is OUT of their realm. France, Italy, Greece nor Spain has the financial resources to EXIT and the EU will survive after resetting the euro.

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