Building An Unshakable Organization

Employees are people too. To earn the trust of people, leaders of an organization must first treat them like people. To gain trust, you must extend trust. Don’t believe that because someone simply went to college or was good at accounting, they are more trustworthy than someone who has a GED and is good with their hands. All leaders should believe in the fundamental goodness of people and treat them as such.

From studying leadership and the principles of many, all starting points to establishing trust and extending a connection is by asking questions first. Good leaders ask great questions.

Sounds obvious right? Having a willingness to listen?

When you have people who trust you, in most situations, they will do a better job for you to earn or keep that trust. People will become more committed because they want to be. Cultivating a culture of caring will allow the people and strategies to flourish. Without coercion, pressure, or force, the people will naturally work together to help each other advance as well as your organization.

Trust will switch people from working with a sense of obligations to working with a sense of pride. Then coming to work for the company will soon after be replaced by coming to work for each other. The work people do will no longer feel like work or a place to dread, it will be a place to feel valued.


1. Listen first. 
2. Understand. 
3. Act on situations that can improve with-in the organization.

Be Great 
- CM

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