An Aside on . . . Sam and Craig drink beers and talk to Daniel Kay Hertz about Chicago stories …

Recorded live at The Long Room on Sunday, March 20, 2016.

Most Sundays, Sam J. Charles and I gather at the Long Room in Chicago to discuss Chicago journalism, violence, politics, things that irritate us and, importantly, to drink beers and shots while we do it.

Go to the Long Room. Seriously. Excellent bar, cool people, good beer list and some real tasty food options rotating through.

If you’re feeling adventurous, come about 7 p.m. on Sundays and listen to Sam and I blather. Hit us up — @craignewman or @samjcharles on Twitter to see if we’re recording. Buy us a beer if you’re up to it.

A warning: We’re drinking and talking journalism. Our language will be salty.

A second warning: We’re working with cheap miss and minimal editing time/ability. So you’ll hear the generally excellent musical stylings of the Long Room’s Sunday night barkeeps. And other conversations. So it’s like you’re right there — avant garde-style.

And sometimes we have a planned visitation. On March 27, Daniel Kay Hertz sat down to chat about his passions of urban affairs, planning and his reluctant love with spreadsheets.

So enjoy. Or don’t. Just remember, you get what you pay for …

Some show notes and things we talk about:

  • Daniel talks about anonymous writing and thinking on homicide for his personal site — City Notes
  • Daniel and Amanda Kass on the CHA super voucher program — City Notes
  • Some thoughts on Rahm and Chinese money and rail cars from Greg Hinz — Crain’s
  • A 606 trail in Pilsen? — DNA
  • We talked about Linespace, but failed to mention some recent controversy.
  • A good read on Erick Williams shining a light in Lawndale — Crain’s
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