Women in Tech Powerhouses Take on the World

Hey, my team and I often support and share the work of women who really have their boots on the ground in the tech sector. We always ask for suggestions for folks we may be missing, but often we get repeat suggestions. I thought it’d be helpful to compile a list of all the lists we’ve made. And now, I’d really like to hear what kinda list you’d like to see next.

I’m also supporting the Women Who Tech TeleSummit and Startup Challenge.

The deal is, only 7% of all investor funding goes to women-led startups, and that’s not right.

The Women Who Tech TeleSummit and Startup Challenge is working to change that. The Challenge will help women crowdfund money for their startups and showcase their innovative and disruptive ventures that are solving problems for people, businesses, and the planet. Prizes include up to $50K, and consultations with investors, and startup-friendly services. The application opens March 24, but you can find out more now.

The TeleSummit will be an online conference that features the most inspiring tech changemakers, disruptors, and startup entrepreneurs, speaking on topics like funding your own startup and pitfalls to avoid, disrupting brogrammer culture, defining your startup vision, how to rock your pitch deck, etc. You can register now.

Here’s a compilation of women getting the job done, in no particular order…