A Starting Point — Linguistics to Code

I started as a Mandarin translator, and was one for many years, living in China over a decade. But the fates of history outsourced my job while I was there, with wages dropping to a fraction of what I started at. In a sense of entrapment that many expats abroad experience, I luckily found a way out — code.

Diving deep into code for the last several years, I’ve tried to find a way to combine both worlds so I lose knowledge from neither. And I think I’ve found a way. More on that later.

Records of Study

I’ve struggled with how to record my knowledge from all the courses and docs. From making my first website, to my first app, and building a wonder app. That didn’t work… the more I learn about coding, it seems the less great “app for that” ideas come to mind.

And yes, back to recording my studies and progress. Github repos… gh-pages… Stack Overflow questions… Moving on to online IDEs, with Codepen demos, JS Fiddles, and Plunks. Hell, even writing snippets on my LinkedIn updates.

Have to be on Twitter? Actually, I got used to it and Facebook being blocked for nearly a decade of my time abroad. Doesn’t sound appealing…

Writing a Wordpress site? May seem arrogant, but seems like a extremely involved step down just to push (not git) out some code and ideas.


Going through AngularX and searching for examples, I’ve come across this site — medium — multiple times with some great authors who have written rather high-quality guides. And by chance of looking up the suggested Ghost blogging platform, Medium was suggested as another option.

No config! I can just write and publish ! And I can add code snippets, right?

What about Linguistics

Ok, now I can save time on providing mini lessons and insights on all of the 2x-speed courses I watch on Egghead and Pluralsight… Still, how to integrate my Mandarin?

Egad! — at the Phoenix TypeScript Meetup I went to yesterday, a participant overheard I was a translator and he moaned about how he couldn’t read a lot of the docs for Vue and Vue third-party libraries.

That’s it!

Put Angular on pause. React, sorry, no time at all for you.

Start with Vue. 
Then get to the Mandarin.


Job security calls for Angular.
Current job calls for AngularJS.
Vue… I’ll get to you soon enough!