Why I owned a Macbook Pro for a day — and what it says to me about the future of Apple
John Risby

Interesting article. Unfortunately, I’m concerned for Apple as well, though not because the company is no longer piloted by Jobs.

I’ve been using Apple products for quite some time now (since the engineers refined the Unix underbelly of OS X), though my current tools include the 2015 model of the Macbook Pro and the iPhone 7+, while peripherally using the iPad.

My initial concern started when Apple purchased Beats because that hardware is notoriously poor. Sure, it has heavy bass—but that’s it. The highs are bad, the lows are equally underwhelming. Apple clearly purchased Beats for the brand and the personnel—mostly political and cosmetic.

Then, of course, there’s the touch bar in the new Macbook Pro. I’m completely uninterested in this dynamic as it seems to be a poor compromise between the inevitable touchscreen computer and the iPad. While I understand the effort, strategically, it seems as though Apple is becoming more apathetic towards its professional users (as even better illustrated by its upcoming Mac Pro revision).

Add to this, the inability to upgrade pro components; a clumsy foray into original content with the Planet of the Apps reality show; the tech trend towards web-based services (as opposed to Apps, which is where Apple wants us as opposed to using the Web that’s mostly owned by Google), the Apple Watch, the marketing story of which is ‘use this $350 device so you don’t have to look at your $800 device as much’; and honestly, I’m not certain what to think.

Diversifying products at what cost?

I have not experienced your customer service issues. Mine has always been stellar. I hope you’ve experienced an isolated series of misfortunes.

But all signs are pointing towards fire and motion.

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