Here’s what happens when you ask an ‘intellectual and liberal’ to clarify a point
Doug Bierend

It’s a challenge, yes?

The Internet empowers the notion of ‘birds of a feather’ but doesn’t necessarily engender honest, genuine debate since we often conflate ‘debate’ with ‘trolling’ at times. Trolling is easy. Debate is hard, exhausting, and often filled with ideologies, foundational to who we are as individuals and groups.

But in the interests of better understanding the situation, one could interpret your approach vector to S. Novi’s article as ‘trolling’ — citing attribution or argument in one statement after another in an almost machine-gun series of comments.

Reality bends to perception. This is America: perception is everything.

But maybe a better approach vector might have been to address her points in the comment thread rather than riddle her article with challenges? I’m not certain.

For what it’s worth, and having read S. Novi’s article, it seems caked with veiled (and not-so-obfuscated) opinion. ‘Smear piece’ seems fairly accurate.

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