The Morning Can Make Your Day

Spanish Sunrise — C. Pennell

Do you ever get up before your day begins?

A strange question, I know. I mean, the day begins the moment we wake up, right?

It depends.

I don’t know about you but I used to spend a lot of my days on the run. No, I wasn’t a fugitive, but maybe that’s not a bad description because so often I felt like the world was waiting to catch me out or keep me in chains.

The alarm would call me back to reality. The snooze would give me 10 minutes bliss. And then it was go, go, go.

A quick hour later I’d be at my desk surrounded by demands, duties and the normal daily routine that I was so familiar with.

After the mad rush to get there, I could now settle in for the day in my zone, making the cogs turn, keeping a low profile and wishing the hours away.

What a crazy way to go through the day. To go through life!

So how would things work if I started my day before the day started me?

Very differently.

I awake. It’s still dark but I’m rested, refreshed, and calm.

No alarm. Well, maybe some days. But there’s no pressure there because the day hasn’t started until I decide.

The house is quiet. Only the cats are up to greet me as I boil the kettle for my morning tea.

There is a peace and tranquility at this hour that will soon evaporate in the sunshine, so I want to make the most of it. This is my time, before the rush begins.

I settle into my holy place. That’s wherever I choose to sit, depending on what the weather is like. Sometimes on the sofa, sometimes outside on the veranda. It doesn’t matter, so long as I’m comfortable.

And then I prepare myself for the day.

Closing my eyes and breathing deeply, I remind myself of the gift that today is.

One more precious day has come my way, and I don’t want to let it slip by — I’ve done that far too often over the years.

For every day I’ve taken for granted, I now choose to make one count. I have an intentional approach to this day, one that says “This is my day!”

I’m thankful, and I remind myself of some of the good things in my life — family, friends, the flowers in the garden. I take a few moments to be grateful, and let it sink in.

Gradually I’m aware of the greater reality that my life touches on. The world around me, the ebb and flow of life, and the deep, gentle call of the divine in everything.

I’m ready to live an amazing day, so I draw on that deep pool of the mind. I don’t stop to consider the nature of Mind, I simply know that it goes beyond the physical, perhaps even into spiritual places.

However I describe it I’m sure you’ve experienced it to some degree — that universal source of life, the essence of the soul, the mind of God. That limitless fountain of creativity, energy and goodness that is beyond us, and yet is part of us any moment we need it.

And I need it.

If I’m to live a life much less ordinary, less agonizingly normal, less clinical and grey.

And make a life more amazing! More colorful and creative! Much more in tune to the rhythm that plays in my heart all day long!

As I begin my day, I’m already one step ahead. The day will not have control over me, I’ve already set my sail and have determined my course.

There is no rush. The rush has been replaced with a steady flow of clarity, insight and creativity which I can draw on as the hours unfold.

I am more aware. More present. More energized. More able to give out of a deeper place in me without fear of running dry.

What a difference that makes to my day.

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