Global Citizenship Education Gets a Boost!

You should explore this new publication by Dr. William Gaudelli, by Global Citizenship Education: Everyday Transcendence.

Gaudelli examines the intersection of globalization, education and programmatic efforts to prepare young people to live in a more interdependent, complex and fragile world. The book explores topics such as sustainability education, cultural diversity, and human rights education, offering critical insights into how these facets of GCE are interpreted around the world. Additionally. the work strives to give voice to student populations within historically marginalized communities, rather than focusing solely on the role of GCE in elite schools. Gaudelli blends theory and practice to provide both an overview of GCE as well as examining current efforts to develop more globally-conscious classrooms. Blending empirical research and practical illustrations, this important volume encourages educators to take seriously their own call to prepare young people to engage global challenges with a sense of urgency and helps chart a new direction for global learning that is increasingly expansive, dialogic and inclusive.

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Table of Contents

List of Figures



1 Global Citizenship

2 Global Citizenship Education

3 Human Rights and Citizenship Education

4 Self, Society and Others

with Scott Wylie

5 Sustainability

with Ching-Fu Lan

6 Teacher Education

7 Insights for Practice and a Habit of Everyday Transcendence



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