Photo by Marco D’Emilla

My time at rehab…

I have been standing at the kitchen sink now for four hours washing hundreds of dishes, cups and cutlery. I am on mission with Betel UK at their Rising Cafè in Coventry Cathedral working with a team of recovering addicts — all offering worship in their daily work and rehab.

It was here that I met George. Just a few months previously, he was addicted to drugs and living on a Psychiatric ward. Yet here, he was offering his crisis to Christ. In this kitchen, he was offering everything to Jesus because nobody else could fix his reality. As I stand alongside him, washing dishes, George shared his story: his hope for sleep, his hope for improved mental health, his hope for a godly life. All I do is listen, share some of my own story, we pray and then we both go back to our jobs. This is a normal moment at Betel.

Throughout my week there, I lived, worked, and prayed with fifty guys who were experiencing accelerated grace. In this modern day monastic community, I witnessed the healing transformation of their realities. I realised that we are all addicted to something if we’re not looking to Jesus.

Betel UK is not perfect, and does not claim to be. Yet, they are trying and are open to the Spirit and new ways of helping addicts back into society. Underpinning it all is love — a love for Jesus and a desire to turn brokenness into beauty. They are living out the mission and ministry of Jesus and it seems to be working.

Pray for Betel UK. One of the things I learnt was that churches sometimes think they are helping addicts, but are actually supporting the addiction. The guys told me that when they went to church all they had to think about was getting their next hit — they knew food and shelter would be taken care of for them. If you want to know more about supporting those with addictions, then check out their website or book yourself a speaker.

You can check out their work by clicking this link →