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FYI Brown — The Democrats have been moving RIGHT since 1968!! Even Nixon (who through executive order imposed nationwide PRICE CONTROLS) was much more liberal than Obama is today. You conservatives will believe anything that you are told by FOX News and right-wing radio, because you guys are too lazy to actually check out the facts for yourself.

I would love to know what ‘leftist’ policies you think Obama pursued as president. Certainly it’s not Obamacare, which was first developed by the conservative Heritage Foundation, then first implemented at the state level by Republican Massachusetts governor Mit Romney. It’s a totally REPUBLICAN idea!

What leftist policies did Obama use to reduce our annual budget deficit by a WHOOPING 72% in just over 7 years?

What Americans REALLY don’t want are the Republican economic policies (tax cuts for corporations and the wealthy; de-regulation of Wall St. and the energy industry, etc.) that have gotten us into the fiscal mess we are in. Unfortunately, the new ‘Trump’ administration plans on emptying the US treasury into the pockets of corporations and the wealthy, then tell us there’s no money left to spend on infrastructure (i.e. jobs growth).

When wil conservatives ever learn . . . ?

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