The DNC Destroyed America
Nicholas Grossman

Typical childish Berniecrat hyperbole.

I suggest you take your own advice and form a third party or register as a Republican. This constant chip-on-the-shoulder whining about how badly Bernie was supposedly treated or how Berniecrats were cheated or how bad the DNC is…blah, blah, blah is getting old.

Either get off your butt and do something positive like millions of us are doing from the grassroots or STFU and leave it to the adults in the room to do the heavy lifting of citizenship.

The primaries and convention are over and in the past. This constant drumbeat about how unfair life is, is immature at best and self defeat at worst.

I’m giving Perez the benefit of the doubt given his progressive credentials but hedging my bet by working at the grassroots level. I suggest you do what Bernie is doing. Move on and continue fighting the good fight. We don’t have time to sit around and feel sorry for ourselves while the building is burning down.

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