Who will stream the PEAKS?

As of this very second there are 89 days, 20 hours, 47 minutes and 14 seconds until the quarter-century gap between TWIN PEAKS seasons finally closes.

Also at this very second, there is no clear answer to the question of which streaming service will be bringing this milestone TV event to New Zealand’s online audience.

In January we got confirmation that Sky TV’s SoHo channel will screen the new season “very close to the US date" of May 21, but this is the most information we have so far. To access this channel one must subscribe to the SoHo channel ($9.99 per month) as an add-on to the Sky TV “basic" package, which runs a cool $49.95 per month.

None of the three main players in NZ’s streaming video market (Netflix, Lightbox and Neon) have confirmed that they will carry TWIN PEAKS S3 come May 21.

The Sky TV-owned Neon seems like the obvious carrier here (they stream the bulk of the prime content such as GAME OF THRONES, TRUE DETECTIVE et al that SoHo broadcasts in NZ), but they have not confirmed anything so far. Lightbox is a close second, as they stream all the classic TWIN PEAKS eps, as well as other content from Showtime, the US production house bringing TPS3 into the world.

I’ve put the question to both Neon and Lightbox at least twice over the past couple of months and have been met with shrugs from both providers every time.

I am baffled that such a hot TV commodity (which is set to go down as THE TV event of 2K17) does not have a definitive streaming provider nailed down. I can only assume that the programming staff at both services are battling it out for the streaming rights. This is all the more frustrating when the excellent Australian streaming service Stan announced that they will be running TPS3 several months ago.

I will be bitterly disappointed if SoHo ends up with sole broadcast rights in NZ. I am a massive TP fan, but I absolutely will not stump up $60 per month to watch it. For all the advancements NZ has made over the past couple of years in improving access to premium content, letting SoHo have carte blanche access to it would be a massive step backwards.

I REALLY don’t want to have to pirate this one, guys. PLEASE confirm who will be hosting it soon.