Hillary said last week that she believes in natural gas as a “bridge fuel”.
Mike Roddy

Mike, Obama has been serious about global warming from the beginning. But since late 2013, the pace has definitely picked up, particularly with rising global temperatures in 2014, 2015, and 2016. Hillary has no choice but to continue to pick up the pace if she is elected. She knows the stakes.

CO2 emissions by the U.S. are dropping. Around the world, CO2 have stalled for two years. The levels now have to start falling worldwide and the U.S. has to be a part of that here at home and through diplomacy around the world.

I’m not that bothered by the temporary success of natural gas in the last eight years. In 2008 the economy was stalled thanks to George W. Bush. The economy still needs to function and that’s absolutely necessary for developing solar, wind and electric cars. Another issue of natural gas is that even if global warming were not getting obviously worse, natural gas has no long-term future. Fracking is purely short-term. Fracked oil wells don’t last fifty years like the old-style wells. And the old natural gas wells are fading (yes, worldwide, there’s fossil fuels left that we cannot afford to burn).

Prices are so good now that it’s not going to be difficult to replace natural gas with solar and wind. The clue is that all new power projects are usually being dominated by solar and wind (though many Republicans are doing their best to slow down the transition). Keep in mind that coal is definitely disappearing. This is real Mike. But I appreciate your concern, and hope you stay involved.