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Wow, you don’t know much about how Trump earned his money and all the funny deals he has with banks.

Are you pretending fossil fuels are not subsidized? You should know better. More important, however, are the banks around the world investing in solar and wind.

You seem ignorant of growth rates and history. Solar and wind did not really start growing until a few years ago. Same with electric cars. NEVER ignore double digit growth rates when they are sustained for several years. All three are rapidly growing. China has been one of the fastest growing countries of the last 30 years. Yes, they funded that growth with coal and hydropower. But coal is now on a major downswing in China as they turn to solar and wind. Hydropower, of course is mostly clean tech.

As for the working class, who makes electric cars, wind turbines and solar panels? And which industries have a better safety record? And which party is right now trying to kill health care with phony bills so they can shovels billions into the pockets of rich people who don’t need the money?