Am I Married to My Cellphone?

There seems to be one main requirement in order to establish a relationship, exposure. Some type of connection must be made no matter how superficial. Talking, glancing, or listening would all be actions that fulfill that requirement. Some relationships are stronger than others. I contribute the strength of a relationship to the amount of time spent with and in the relationship. The world is a complicated mysterious thing. The more time we spend in these relationships the more intimate we become with them.

I think it’s common to contribute the most intimate of relationships to that of lovers, or married people. There is no doubt in my mind that embarking on a relationship like those fulfills exposure. With the amount of time available for couples to spend together it provides a lot of opportunity to have a strong relationship. Unfortunately I am single, or at least I think I am.


Generally I think of marriage in more of a legal sense. However, thanks to the Webster Dictionary a closer examination of the word offers some insight. If we look past the legalities of what marriage is traditionally thought of. Marriage simply comes down to one element, or rather the combination of two different elements to form one. A man and a women, Jazz and Hip hop, Me and my phone… It seems perfectly reasonable the more I think about it.

If there is one thing I always have on me it’s my cellphone. I use it in practically every aspect of a typical day. I even sleep with it! It’s rare to not have it with me, and if I don’t have it with me, I feel as if something is missing. Two things acting as one.

I don’t always feel like something is missing though. Sometimes I hate the mere presence of my cellphone. I’ll look at it with disgust, throw it in my closet (it has an otter box cover so it won’t get hurt) and spend the whole day away from it to get some space. These days seem to be pretty random and as far as I know for no apparent reason.

Almost as if we had some imaginary fight or something…

In truth my cellphone and I have a lot in common with a married couple. I am almost positive most folks with a cellphone can join me seeing many of them too. There is a major difference between my relationship with my phone and a couple’s relationship though.

My Cellphone and I have what I would like to call a “one way street” relationship. My phone doesn’t have an opinion about me, doesn’t care if I throw it in a closet or forget to charge it. I have an ultimate influence on it. Sure it can be slow or malfunction in some way which has an effect on me, but those effects are minimal.

You know that is not entirely true. Because my cellphone is connected to everyone I know the lines of our marriage can get blurry. Because the cellphone represents an extension of myself, and extensions of the people I’m connected to. So in a sense it has its own personality.

I have a feeling this is mostly an imaginary personality but maybe there is some weight to it. Maybe it is more of a conglomeration of everything our phones are connected to.

Still our marriage lacks that thing that I truly need. Which is a likely reason Ill toss it in the closet for an extended period of time. The human element. The human element to interactions is beautifully described in a ted talk by Hannah Brencher titled love letters to strangers. A link is bellow.

Regardless I think I may be married to my cellphone…What do you think?

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