Cryptocurrency SmartCash sores up 140% in 24 hours

A relatively new name in the Cryptocurrency world is SmartCash. Yesterday and today have seen the infant electronic cryptocurrency rise from $0.068 yesterday afternoon to a high of $0.181 this evening.

This rise in the value of the cryptocurrency have got some inside the industry buzzing with excitement as new investors coming to the cryptocurrency game at this stage are all looking towards the gains made by early adopters to bitcoin and trying to find the next cryptocurrency to latch their bandwaggon to, in order to see incredible life changing returns on investments.

With many mainstream investors still being weary of investing in cryptocurrency due to the often negative and criminal portrayal in the media, it’s not alway easy for new currencies to get the support or traction that they require to get their ideas off the ground and adopted by major exchanges and wallet developers which is why it is very interesting to note that this Cryptocurrency has increased its value over 140% in less than 24 hours.(Data )

To try and conceptualize why such exponential returns are being seen at the moment, we need to understand and delve into exactly what the vision is for SmartCash and whats sets it apart from theother Cryptocurrencies on the market.

To begin, SmartCash was designed to be able to be an instantaneous Point Of Sale payment method. This will allow merchant and vendors to accept electronic payment from customers without the delay that occurs with bitcoin payments and will have a lower transaction fee and actually be faster than traditional Debit and Credit Cards of the past.

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SmartCash aims to position itself in the market to be a leader in payment processing and transfers in areas where family members live and work away from home or in another country and are often exposed to extremely high conversion and transfer fees when sending money home to their loved ones. SmartCash aims to alleviate this unnecessary burden by providing a secure, fast method for users to transfer funds from one user to another with much lower transaction fees, faster payments and total security. SmartCash believe that the key features it has and is building into its scope and vision will make it a better option that Bitcoin when it comes to Point of Sale and online payment processing.

Another difference that I’ve noticed between SmartCash and the rest of the Cryptocurrencies on the market is the fact that the mining rewards are not only split amongst miners, but also with anyone holding 1000 or more SmartCash. In fact SmartCash takes 80% of the mining rewards and allocates it for reinvestment into the community through developing the software, hardware and promotions to ensure that those doing the hard work of setting up and maintaining the systems, help pages, website and servers and invested in the future of the currency. This leaves 5% off all new coins going to those doing the mining, leaving a whopping 15% of all new coins to be rewarded to anyone who holds more than 1000 coins.

The SmartRewards program takes place at the end of every month, and currently SmartRewards are in their 3 or 4th month of rewards, in the first month investors got up to 400% returns on their coins, and this month investors are looking at around 25% return on investment. With the rewards percentage diminishing every month, the excitement to get involved early is certainly a strong contributing factor to the recent excitment that has been seen around SmartCash.

With the price of smart cash currently sitting at around $0.15 I would recommend buying 1000 SmartCash and letting it sit on their rewards program within a wallet and allow it to multiply and grow over time. Who knows where those free coins will have you in 4–5 years when this becomes a widely adopted payment method throughout the world. You can find out more about SmartCash by watching the following video I made( ) or go straight to the SmartCash website at

If you’re not sure how to get started you can buy bitcoin from , send it to an account you’ve set up at and use the bitcoin to purchase SmartCash. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment and I’ll try me best to answer it.

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