Liberal Media? No, Greedy Media

Here’s a chart that should blow away any liberal media bias claim. It’s a “chances of winning” chart screenshot from, taken on the morning of Halloween. Look at when the chances spike for Hillary. It’s immediately after we actually see her instead of just seeing stories about her. The two huge spikes are after the DNC convention and the debates, when we could compare Clinton and Trump to each other in real time. Those are the two times voters were able to see the candidates speak, without commercial breaks, for more than just a few seconds. When we compare the candidates directly with each other, Hillary demolishes The Donald, as she actually knows what the hell she’s talking about.

In between those times, we’re just getting soundbites, ads, and endless speculation and analysis by the media under the guise of giving “both sides of the story”. Each time that happens, Trump starts to catch up again. It’s kind of the same thing as having the “two sides” of the climate change debate, completely ignoring that 97% of scientists agree it’s caused by humans. The media prefers it to be 50/50, as that’s the only way they can get people to watch.

Since we won’t have any opportunity to see the candidates on stage together again — hopefully ever — it’s important to remind ourselves not to be played by the media. Their only desire is to maximize profits. A decided election doesn’t help their ratings, so they make a huge effort to make it close.

When Comey released the letter to Congress last Friday, it set off a firestorm of media speculation that this would be enough to change people’s votes. And just that question itself makes voters think it’s an issue worthy of a vote switch. At the very least, they should tune in to see what’s going on.

Never mind that Comey might have violated the Hatch Act. Never mind there is no re-opening of the investigation. Never mind that this may be an indication the original investigation was nothing more than partisan politics. The news networks need people to watch. That’s the only thing that matters to them in this final week of the campaign. It’s their Black Friday and they’ll get voters to trample each other in pursuit of the latest gossip, regardless of what that does to our democracy.

If you think our candidates are remotely in the same league, then you’ve fallen for it. If you think Hillary is a the “lesser of 2 evils”, you’ve fallen for it. If you think her emails are as bad as Watergate or that Benghazi is as bad as 9/11, you’ve fallen for it. The reason Trump is the GOP candidate in the first place is that he knows this. He is very much a part of the media elite. Again…don’t fall for it.