Top 10 Huge Wins for Democrats

Last night’s Democratic wave produced a monumental victory. Through gerrymandering after the 2010 Republican victories, the House of Representatives was built to withstand any challenge through at least 2020, when the new census will allow for another round of redistricting. The Democrats won it anyway by turning out record numbers of young voters.

Reading the news this morning, you might think it was just an average-looking win. Not true! Here are the top 10 reasons this was a huge win for Democrats.

  1. Subpoena Power. The Democrats now hold every gavel and run every committee in the House. Yesterday, they only had to power to complain about shoddy investigations. Now, subpoena power rests in their hands. We should demand they investigate every possible crime committed by Trump, his family, and his associates. That’s not a small list.
  2. No more tax cuts for the wealthy. The GOP had wanted to cut Social Security and Medicare in order to give even more of our hard-earned money to the wealthy. That won’t happen now.
  3. The “Blue Wall” has been rebuilt across the Midwest. In 2016, false promises and Russia turned Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin turn red. Now, all of those state have Democrats as governors. The White Walker— sorry, Scott Walker, the union-busting, vote suppressing zombie, was soundly defeated. That means voting rights in those state can expand, and their economy has a chance to recover in the right way — through a real middle class.
  4. Women! The year of the woman continues. We now have a record number of women in Congress. They have been driving energy and wins in the face of fully exposed misogyny, sexual assaults, and unconscionable domestic violence and “incel” terrorism. Moms Demand Action, with the amazing Shannon Watts, was behind a lot of these wins with their “gun sense distinction” campaign and helped create 32 NRA losses. The power tide has shifted immensely in just 2 years.
  5. Young People! Speaking of horrific gun violence, the Parkland shooting and other mass shootings helped create a movement of young voters like we’ve never seen before in midterm elections. If young people continue to vote and run candidates, the Democrats will continue to win. Congratulations to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the youngest women ever to win a seat in Congress!
  6. POC. Black women especially have been crucial to Democratic success. They may have pushed the first black woman into the governorship of Georgia. The *only* thing that held her back was an unbelievably craven voter suppression effort by her opponent, who somehow ran *and* picked who could vote. We also have the first two Native American women in Congress. My Native American friend commented last night, “Really, the first Native Americans ever?” Unfortunately, yes!
  7. Kansas. One of the Native American women is from Kansas. She also identifies as lesbian, making her the first ever LGBTQ winner in Kansas. Kansas also chose a Democratic woman, Laura Kelly, as governor. Defeating Kris Kobach is extremely meaningful. He is a voter suppression expert and part of the Republican party that went all in on an extremist supply-side economic plan that absolutely gutted the state of everything good and proper for even basic functioning. If Kansas can wake up to how economics works, then the rest of the country can, too.
  8. Less Russia. Though major work still needs to be done by Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and others, there is little doubt the efforts they did make prevented a lot of the problems we had in 2016. Also, Dana Rohrabacher, Putin’s “favorite Congressman” and at least a suspected Russian asset, was defeated after 30 years representing Moscow — sorry, California.
  9. Healthcare. Idaho, Utah, and Nebraska expanded Medicaid coverage, and people across the country have finally realized the Republican “plan” for healthcare means no healthcare at all. With many new states fully “blue”, like Colorado, even more good work can be done to ensure better access and more affordable premiums. Trump may have to create his own “beautiful” healthcare system, which choke and kill Mitch McConnell, making the Senate an easier Democratic win in 2020.
  10. Trump. Finally, Democrats now have Trump exactly where we want him: front and center while Mueller, Adam Schiff, and others take swings at every part of his amazingly corrupt public and private life. His CFO, his attorney, and his former campaign manager are all cooperating witnesses against him. He’ll offend us more, he’ll embarrass Republicans more, and he will lose in 2020 as a result of everything that happened last night — that is, if he’s not impeached first.

I could make a much…much bigger list than 10 reasons. But these 10 are truly huge wins for the Democrats. My hope for the future of the country and the world, are restored.

Perhaps the next Democratic nominee will be saying “I’m so fucking proud of you” in his victory speech. Perhaps Andrew Gillum or Stacy Abrams or Kamala Harris will be saying it instead or beside Beto O’Rourke. However it turns out, we’re headed in the right direction again. Progress!