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oh yes, the myth of southpaws giving Mayweather troubles. You mean like Pacquiao? or Sharmba Mitchell, Judah, Corley, Guerrero? He cleaned the floor with each on of these guys. It only took a couple of rounds to adjust and then he cruised to victory. Often not mentioned is how effective a straight right hand is when dealing with a south paw boxer, and Mayweather has a great straight right and he can lead with it. If you think Floyd will hang it out there or bring it back low like Aldo you’re mistaken.

I like Conor as an MMA fighter, but how good of a boxer do you think he is? As good as any of the above mentioned southpaws? Think he can box as well as Canelo or even Maidana? I admire his footwork, spacing, and precision, but it’s not boxing footwork and spacing which Floyd can boast as being the best of his generation. I suppose I’m a little curious how that precision comes into play with boxing gloves, though again Floyd is a master of pot shotting and precise punching. Also, potentially 36 minutes in the ring, that’s another half a fight over a distance UFC bout.

I give Conor the same odds I would give Floyd in the octagon. The only thing that makes this a contest is if Mayweather gets injured. He has a history of hand trouble and I believe it was a shoulder that made his only close fight with Castillo. Regardless, you won’t catch me paying for this sham.

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