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The titles argument is weak. Jordan never lost in the finals is great, but why do we forgive early playoff exits like they don’t exist. Jordan has 3 first round defeats, Lebron has none. James has already achieved a higher level of difficulty and been to the finals as the underdog against all-time teams in the Spurs and Warriors. Yes, they should have beat the Mavericks, but Lebron has done more with less and under the most scrutiny ever. The last 2 finals show what Lebron is capable of and what Jordan couldn’t do. Down 3–1 to an all-time great team he brought his flawed team back to a championship by leading in every offensive statistical category for either team. The year before he was easily the best player on the floor and stretched the series to 6 by forcing every play through him on offence and defence with his top 2 wingmen out and a team of bench guys. Jordan couldn’t even crack the finals without being surrounded by talent like Pippen, Grant, Kukoc, Rodman, Kerr and a strong bench. He had all-star Ron Harper coming off the bench and he had Phil. Jordan was always part of all-time great teams, no one has ever said that about a Lebron team.

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