The one thing I get asked about the most is tickets, how much are they?, what do I need?, where can I get them?, do I get them there or before I go? …Buying Disney park tickets can be an absolute minefield so here’s some help to make the whole process a little easier.

If you are planning on visiting all the parks over a two week period then definitely get a Disney two week ticket before you fly to the states, though it’s gonna cost you £350* per person, and remembering Disney charge full price for children 9+ with only under 3's going free, its gonna be costly for a family four but it’s worth the money.

This ticket will allow you entry to any of the 6 parks (inc 2 waterparks) as many times a you like over that two week period, it will also allow you to do what is called Park Hopping, that’s exactly as it sounds, you can move freely from park to park as many times as you like per day. The price may seem expensive but when I tell you an on the gate price for one park only, say The Magic Kingdom, for one day is $124 (£94) you can see why this is by far the best option for a two week stay. It averages £25 per day.

So as I mentioned buy your tickets before you go, tickets in the UK are far cheaper with most offering two weeks for the price of one, shopping around is key, most will be the same price offering the same deal but be careful though as there are loads of sites offering Disney tickets that are not genuine and it’s difficult to tell which, I’ve used Floridatix many times before, they are quick, competitive, give great customer service and are based here in the UK

So you have your tickets but you keep hearing about MagicBands..

What’s a magic band and do I need one? A magic band is basically an advanced wrist band that holds your ticket information, fast pass bookings and if you’re staying on property, acts as your room key too as well storing your card payment details too so you can make purchases in the park stores and restaurants easily. If you are staying at a Disney hotel each member of your party will receive a magic band free when you arrive at your hotel. If you’re staying off property you can buy one at many stores within the parks priced around $12.

Do you need one?

Not at all, they are easier to use every time you need to access a park or scan as you enter the Fastpass queue for the ride you’ve booked but your ticket will do exactly the same job. You can’t access your room or pay for goods in the parks with just your ticket though, so bare that in mind.

Does my park ticket include parking?

Unfortunately not, Disney daily parking is $20 (approx £15) so set aside around £200 for parking charges in your holiday budget unless you take advantage of the free shuttle bus to the parks that most hotels will offer.

Whilst ticket prices seem steep, just think of it as £25 for your entire days entertainment, rides, shows and parades. Look out for deals that also include. PhotoPass included, professional photos of you and your family taken in the park for you to download and keep for free.

*prices as of 2017

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