My take

Large number of youths graduate from universities but stay unemployed for a very long time. Recent research has shown that many small and medium sized enterprises have shut down and large companies laid off employees to cut down operational costs/ maintain sustainability. Young people are pillars of a nation, if not well directed, they lose focus and waste themselves on drugs and crime. In response to this, innovation centers should be set up with the aim of equipping beneficiaries with digital skills that will get them decent online jobs such freelancing in software development or start online income generating ventures. The center can also connect them to mentors who will provide career guidance and insights that will help them master their craftsmanship and/or be change agents. Training and hands on experience on human centered design thinking for development, lengthy coding boot camps should also be considered to expose youths to use of affordable technologies so as to create modern usable solutions that address challenges in our communities, and also scale into social enterprises.

The goals should be:

  • To provide technical and design thinking training or workshops, offer mentor ship on entrepreneurship to beneficiaries at the maker-space and also through online collaboration platforms.
  • To guide already experience beneficiaries from the boot camps into developing modern advanced systems that will expand their start-up’s services hence open up more job opportunities .
  • To work with key players already in the game, that is the government and other resourceful networks in support of setting up more innovation centers that will give same opportunity to people in rural areas on how to expand markets for their products that they come up with in different self help groups and others getting online digital jobs.
  • To initiate other sustainable programmes in communities to cater for emergency response on health matters and many more.

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Many youths waste away when they don’t get jobs after graduating from universities not because they are stupid but inclined their minds to getting jobs after school, my take would be that they consider any training as incubation program where they meet and work with great people and minds with whom they can mash knowledge and ideas to create innovative products/services that can also implement locally in their countries then later on expand to international markets since most developing countries have common challenges. Also they should take up on roles and responsibilities that will nurture their leadership abilities;which will also guide their path to higher levels of entrepreneurship and management

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