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Sep 5, 2018 · 4 min read
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I’m so excited and can’t wait to share with you what i and my co-founder have been working on for about a month now. CRALOCS is launching in Los Angeles, New York and Atlanta soon and i would like to share with you guys how we got started.

Some weeks ago, we decided to suspend a project we were working on at that time and try out a new idea . Our focus was still within the film/entertainment industry, we had a lot of ideas and ended up with the film location rental business. We basically have zero experience & knowledge about this, although occasionally i have bumped into film set at various locations. We knew we had to research & learn a lot in a short period.

Google, articles on (, marketwatch, irishtimes,, data from (statista, FilmLA, various state film commissions), location scouts/filmmakers and many more, made our work easier.

We came up with a lot and i will be sharing a bit.

1. Locations are in high demand

Studio productions are expensive as it involves building up a set from ground up and are mostly demolished after productions. Unless filmmakers have a big studio funding their project or they are creating Black Panther (where everything is fictitious) or they have a good credit history to get them a big loan, locations are the best shots for filmmakers.

“When you build it on stage, it never looks quite the same,” — Bass Hampton

In 2017, there was approximately 42,019 days of film shoot in the city of Hollywood (Los Angeles) according to a report by FilmLA. Studio filming accounted for 3,735 days(8.89%), while location filming had 38,284 days(91.11%)

Shoot days — a film × the number of days used for shooting.

On-location shoot days Greater Los Angeles 2017. Source: FilmLA

2. It’s a lucrative venture.

Renting your property to be used as a film location is a great way to make money. It’s tax free for 14 days and it comes with a lot of perks (free hotel stay, new painting of your home, new couch, free premiere tickets e.t.c.). A day shoot could cost from $500 to as high as $35,000 as it depends on location, type of production e.t.c.

Now everybody is saying, I’m not giving you my house for $5,000 because ‘Gotham’ paid me $10,000 — Ana Cuadra (location scout who worked on ‘Ocean 8’)

The film Masterminds was shot in a 20,000-square-foot mansion outside Asheville, N.C. It cost the production company $100,000 for 3 weeks. Credit: Glen Wilson

3. There are no general specifications.

Different scenes, different locations. For those who think you need to have a particular type of home to be approached by filmmakers, you are wrong. It’s what is in the script they work with, they might require a basement for scene 1, a mansion for scene 2, a 1980 themed home for scene 3 and so on.

4. Finding locations is stressful.

Finding and securing the right location for a shoot us not as easy as it seems. Location managers generally loves working directly with owners, not renters as there are fewer people involved in those transactions.

Location scouting requires a lot of searching & logistics, this could be bad cause if care is not taken it might go from days to weeks eventually turning the project into a nightmare.

Cralocs Logo

Our Approach

Cralocs is an online marketplace for finding and booking film locations

It is a website where people list their property and location managers across the world can find and book them for their next film production. So someone in China, can contact a property owner in Los Angeles and book for his music shoot.

If you live in Los Angeles, New York or Atlanta and you have a property that you think is good for filming. List that property on Cralocs now and earn money.

We are offering everyone a chance to join our waiting list and get exclusive deals

  • Join before October 3rd: get your first booking 95% commission free and qualify for a chance to attend launch party + CRALOCS souvenirs.
  • First 100 : Access to our invite-only private beta +Free photography shoot of your property.

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