5 Simple Ways to Meet People in College

You’re surrounded, but if you need some assistance...

Go To Campus Organization Events

Shake off your insecurity, don’t be over critical of yourself or others. Remember, if it doesn’t work out, there are a lot of organizations on campus and lot of other people. Don’t worry about your introduction success rate, just relax and people will be drawn to that confident calm.

Join a Sports Team

It doesn’t have to be Varsity level. Join a club team, intramural team, or even the social pick-up games. There’s people playing at every skill level all around you, that’s one of the best parts of college, you’re in a densely populated area where everyone is your age and they the same things you do. This also works later in life, especially in denser cities.

Talk to Your Classmates

Sit down, smile, say hello. You’ll be seeing a lot of them over the next couple of months, so give them a chance. Especially if it’s in a class of your major/concentration. It’s easiest to get along with people who have similar interests, and those are the people you’ll probably end up seeing the most during your term. It may not be ‘broadening your horizon’, but it’s important to establish a strong base.

Invite Your Neighbors Over

Buy some food and drinks, knock on their doors, and tell them to come over for some free food, you’re hosting the first ‘neighborhood watch’ meeting. Just make sure you provide the right type of treats and they will come. Be a good host, don’t run out of beverages, ask questions and genuinely listen to the answers.

Get a Job

On Campus or off, try to get something enjoyable or at least interesting. You’ll enjoy, suffer and spend a lot of time with your co-workers, bonds form on accident. It’s that easy. Plus you’ll make money, learn real-life skills and remove yourself from the campus bubble a couple of days a week.