5 Simple Ways to Save Money in College

Exploit the Student Discounts

Everywhere from restaurants to school supplies stores offer student discounts (and happy hours). Never pay full price for something when you’re in College on a budget, as a student you can always find it for less. Here are two great sites to help you find local discounts: StudentCrowd, StudentBaseCamp

Go to the Organization Events (Free Food)

Every week student organizations, especially fraternities and sororities, host events serving free food and drinks. Besides the free goods, you meet all different types of people and can accidentally make some great new friends. You might even stumble upon an organization you enjoy and join it for real.

Grocery Shop!

Food can be a sneaky devil to your bottom line (and waist-line). Corner delis and coffee shops can add up to a small fortune compared to what some disciplined weekly grocery shopping can cost. Get a mini-fridge and stock-up at the start of every week. Having drinks and sandwich supplies in your room is the essential solution to the late-night munchies and study-time food costs you’ll rack up otherwise. You’ll soon have an efficient routine that provides you a small comfort from home you didn’t know you were missing.

Buy/Rent Used Books (From Classmates)

Second hand is always the best price, as long as it’s the right edition you should never buy a new book. The cost gets even better if you get it directly from the last person to use it, locally, no middle man retailer (even if its online). Look for local exchange platforms such as our obvious favorite BookU, or Facebook Groups.

Sober Month

This can be extremely difficult in College, especially certain times of the school year, but it’s worth it and a practice I have continued after graduation. It gives you a chance to reflect on your lifestyle and current path, make adjustments and move forward in a positive direction. Take the time to set goals, increase your work-out, start a business, or just relax. If that doesn’t sound like a good enough reason, it also saves you a lot of money!