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#1 is the best and its not close. #1 is so good they basically used the same name when they rebooted the franchise with #4. Even better, #1 would have been a hell of a Netflix series. Epidoses 1–9 are 30min and Finale is an hour long.

Episode 1 — Starts with robbery. Ends with Brian tells his boss at the shop, “I need NOS. Acutally I need two….and I need it by tonight.”

Episode 2 — Mostly about the pre race festivities and the race itself. End with “Well, we’ve got a 20 mile hike so humor me.”

Episode 3 — Most of the episode takes place at the party inside the Toretto house. Ends with Mia and Brian making out and Dom seeing it.

Episode 4 — Begins with the big reveal of Brian being a cop. Ends with Brian getting caught snooping around Hector’s garage. Hit in the back of the head and fade to black

Episode 5 — Brian gets away with lie. Episode ends with Dom telling Brian he will kill him if he hurts Mia

Episode 6 — Begins with Dom revealing the ’70 Charger. Ends with the raid of Johnny Tran’s house and Brian filling the strain of coming to grips that its acutally Toretto stealing from the trucks.

Episode 7 — Begins with the reveal of The Supra (best car in F&F history). Episode ends with all of them pulling up to Race Wars

Episode 8 — Begins with racing, gambling, etc. Jesse loses car. Tran gets punched. Ends with Brian reveling to Mia he is a cop.

Episode 9 — Begins with a flyby of the Supra trying to catch Dom’s team and stop them. Brian reveals to Dom he is a cop. Ends with Vince in hospital and Dom saying he has to find Jesse.

Episode 10 — Jesse gets shot and Dom and Brian go after them. Ends with Brian letting Dom go after their race.

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