Why I Left the Right: How Studying Religion Made Me a Liberal
Susie Meister


I want to say thank you that for writing this article, and I want to thank whoever it was on FB, for sharing this article. I have been a Christian for all of my life…a sinner, but a Christian. I have many friends and family, who are “born again Christians”, and are staunch republicans(oxymoron, in My opinion) and will take any chance they can to verbalize their dismay with the liberal agenda that is “ruining this world”..I had a horrible brain injury almost 14 years ago, which abruptly ended my 13 year Critical Care Nursing career. It was after this, that for several months after, while I awaited my disability insurance to review and approve my case, I was thrown in a place of having to rely on Food Stamps in order to feed my family, I was forced to cash in any retirement savings and investments I had accrued, as I had a young family to feed, and my wife was a stay home mom prior to my illness, in 2002, which was just before the economy began to tank, and jobs were becoming scarce. Many, if not all of my conservative friends and family would have looked down on me for being on food stamps (though, they would deny it, because I wasnt a jobless meth head, that they often portray in their conservative facebook rants. I am a firm believer in Gods word, Old and New Testament. And when I began to read and study the bible after my illness, I wondered how and where people came up with the notion, that Republicans are Bible Believing Christians? In my opinion, that is one of the greatest oxymorons, Id ever heard.. Complete Polar Opposite from the COMMAND our Lord Jesus Christ gives to us, several times throughout scripture. Mt 5:44–45, Mt 22:37–39, Romans 12:8, Romans 12:10, Jn 4:7–8, Jn 5:12–13; and MANY MANY others that (what I call:Pick and Choose Christians) seem to ignore for some reason. For several years, I questioned my own faith…did I miss something? Am not understanding what so many seem to “understand”? And each time, I dove into Scripture, Id come out with the same conclusions, that no way were Christs teachings, remotely conservative. And I want to thank you for validating and reassuring this for me. For those who are out there reading this, No I dont think Christ would be a Democrat…I dont think He would in any way belong to any part of Americas political system, and the Billions spent on getting candidates elected, the lies, the betrayal, the corruption.

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