What I’ve been up to for the past 4 years
Philip Kaplan

Hi Philip.

All I can say is that you’ve done alright for me. I’m in profit from my music and I never expected to make anything at all when I went into it. It was just something I did when I was (lots) younger and returned to after retiring. I’m 65 and love rock & blues. I played very briefly as a fill in with John Mayall before getting a ‘proper’ job as my old man used to put it! I write and record and distribute exclusively through you. Without Distrokid, my stuff would never have got out there because, frankly, I couldn’t have afforded to use the other guys.

I admit I had my doubts when I first signed up, but amazingly for these days, there doesn’t seem to have been a catch.

The small amounts I’ve made have covered my costs but the main thing is that people are playing my music and listening to me — which is something priceless to an old fart like me!

Thanks a lot. More power to your elbow matey…!

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