28th Annual Session of the Crans Montana Forum

For its 28th Annual Session, the Crans Montana Forum addressed one of the most important issues of our Century : shaping a new Governance to face the challenges of our continuously changing and unpredictable World!

The Mediterranean Region concentrates all expectations and hopes but also misfortunes, concerns and major threats. It remains the shell of the most important potential for the World and the place where Peace between North & South and East & West can be made!

This is why, we chose Barcelona, one of the key Mediterranean’s centers, for the 28th Annual Session of the Crans Montana, from July 5 to 8, 2017.

We were delighted to organize for the first time, a Forum in this city offering an exceptional dynamism especially in terms of urban development, industrial activities and maritime industry.

Stability and Peace in the Mediterranean and Africa, Energy Challenges, Ports Management and Environment Protection, Water Governance, Migration and Future of Youth will be at the core of the debates.

In parallel, the Crans Montana Forum organized three international High-Level Conferences :


While celebrating the 25th anniversary of Barcelona’s Olympic Games, unanimously recognized as the most successful ones of the modern era, we took the initiative to organise an International Conference on Peace in the Mediterranean, the role of Youth & the improvement of Sport Governance, on Wednesday July 5.


The Mediterranean is the last major stop of the Silk Road ! Whilst Global Economy is threatened by the return of protectionism, the Silk Road, this new and unique Cooperation Process implemented from China to the EU, offers huge potential developments especially in the Mediterranean, Africa and the Middle East. The New Silk Road projects, promoting connectivity and sharing trade prosperity, was at the top of the agenda of the International Conference held on July 6.


Women have always been at the center of Crans Montana Forum activities. On July 7, the African Women’s Forum addressed how to Strengthen Women’s influence in the necessary change of their society. It was the opportunity for Women coming from Africa, Mediterranean and Silk Road Countries to meet and discuss their role in Social and Economic Development of their Country.